The Camera Man Tryna Contain His Intrusive Thoughts: Latto And Glorilla Had A Dance Battle Backstage!

Latto And GloRilla Got Into Some Friendly Dance Competition Backstage At The ‘Hot Girl Summer Tour’.

Megan Thee Stallion and GloRilla‘s Hot Girl Summer Tour continues to be one of the year’s most exciting events. This past weekend, at the Atlanta stop of the tour, they were joined by fellow Hot Girl rapper Latto on stage. But the fun didn’t stop after the show.

In a clip that has since gone viral, Latto and Glo are seen backstage having fun, and dancing to music. The two then swiftly move into a dance-off, as Meg and Glo’s collab “Wanna Be” plays in the background. Latto and Glo then see who can out-twerk the other.

While their competition appears to be friendly, Glo is sure that she was the winner of the twerk off.

“latto didn’t win dat dance battle let’s be fr,” said Glo in a tweet.

Latto, however, wasn’t having it, and asked her followers “Who gone tell her????”


Meg didn’t want smoke with anyone, and simply offered a reasonable suggestion.

“I think yall need a rematch,” said Meg.

But Latto is confident that she’s the clear winner.

“Aww Meg protecting ur feelings that’s a real friend,” said Latto.

Latto doubled down, reuploading a clip with a scoreboard at the bottom of the screen, which seems to indicated that she’s the winner.


You can see the clips above and decide for yourself.

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