The Emergence of Victor Wembanyama: Insights from His First Coach on the NBA Phenom’s Journey.

Long before Victor Wembanyama became a towering presence in the NBA draft conversations, he was a 10-year-old with a penchant for soccer, judo, comics, and entertaining his teammates with dance moves like the worm. Federic Donnadieu, Wembanyama’s first coach at the Nanterre 92 youth program, reminisces about those early days and the budding talent he observed.

A young Victor Wembanyama is pictured alongside his 6-foot-6 father, Felix

Donnadieu recalls the first time he laid eyes on Wembanyama, noting not only his remarkable height but also his exceptional technical skills, which were advanced for his age. Despite his towering stature, Wembanyama displayed an unusual comfort with the ball, dribbling and shooting with ease, defying the typical limitations of players his size.

Federic Donnadieu, Wembanyama's first coach, spoke with about the phenom

As Wembanyama progressed through the ranks, his dominance became increasingly evident. By the age of 14, he was already a key player in leading his team to a championship victory in France, showcasing his potential to become an NBA star. Donnadieu reflects on those moments with pride, confident in Wembanyama’s future success and certain that the NBA was his destined path.

Victory Wembanyama's 7-foot-4 frame is impressive, but so are his athleticism and skillset

Through Donnadieu’s perspective, we gain insight into the early years of Wembanyama’s journey and the extraordinary talent that set him apart long before he captured the attention of the basketball world.

Wembanyama is seen with his two siblings: Older sister, Eve, and younger brother, Oscar

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