This Is The American Idol Moment That’ll Haunt Katy Perry For The Rest Of Her Life

The American Idol judges reminisce about their memorable moments on the show, with Katy Perry admitting that she disgraced herself on national TV.

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Katy Perry revealed the moment during American Idol season 22 in which she put her reputation on the line that’ll haunt her forever. Katy, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan have been judges on the singing competition show for the entire time that Idol has aired on ABC, though Katy recently announced that she’ll be leaving after American Idol season 22 ends. Throughout the past seven years, all three of them have provided very memorable moments, including when Katy dresses up for Disney Night.

Katy Perry claimed she disgraced herself on national television when she did a luau for an American Idol contestant.

However, there’s one moment in particular from American Idol season 22 that Katy believes will “haunt me for the rest of my life.” During a Billboard interview alongside her fellow judges and host Ryan Seacrest, they opened up about the best decisions they’ve made as judges and recalled examples of when they really went to bat for a particular contestant. Katy admitted there was a moment when she did a luau for a particular singer. She claimed she “disgraced” herself “on national television.”

Luke Bryan Was Proven Right After Supporting Megan Danielle

Luke Bryan Has Been “Big Champion” For American Idol Season 21 Runner-Up

American Idol's Luke Bryan at the judging panel

Katy went to extreme measures because she was adamant that the singer should advance to the next round, so she “put my reputation on the line” for her. She admitted she was proven right when the judges saw that contestant perform again. At the time the interview took place, which was when American Idol season 22 filmed the Top 24 in Hawaii, the auditions hadn’t aired on TV yet, and Katy claimed that she would have to “hide” when the luau scene hit the airwaves.

Luke Bryan posing on American Idol

Luke’s answer to the question about the contestants they really fought for wasn’t quite as silly. He brought up American Idol season 21 singer Megan Danielle. Luke acknowledged that the Idol judges “catch a little flak” from fans. However, he believes he was proven right with Megan.

Katy Perry American Idol Season 21 Finale Smiling

I was a big champion for her,” he recalled. Megan had to compete in a sing-off, which she won, allowing her to advance to the Top 24 in Hawaii. Not only did she do well during that round, but she made it all the way to the finale and became the runner-up behind Iam Tongi. “I had a little pride…It was awesome,” Luke exclaimed.

Lionel Richie American Idol

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American Idol judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan in Hawaii

The American Idol judges have fantastic chemistry together, and they know how to easily work alongside each other, even when they disagree. It’s great to hear there are times when they are so adamant that a singer should stay in the competition that they’re willing to stick their necks out and take big risks on behalf of those contestants. If Katy sticks by her word that she’s leaving after American Idol season 22, then hopefully she’s able to make the rest of the season very memorable. She’s a great champion of top-notch talent, and her passion and dedication will be missed on American Idol.

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