VIDEO: Victor Wembanyama Gets A Crazy New Logo From Nike During The Solar Eclipse

20-year-old power forward, Victor Wembanyama, also known as Wemby is considered one of the best NBA Draft selections in history after he was taken first overall by the San Antonio Spurs in the 2023 NBA Draft.

VIctor Wembanyama scoring a basket surrounded by three Pelican players

Wembanyama surrounded by 4 Pelicans defenders (via Getty Images)

With Wembanyama being one of the next generation of NBA stars, it’s only fitting that he gets a futuristic new representation, and his shoe sponsor definitely didn’t disappoint while revealing his new logo during the eclipse.

Some may consider the rookie as “out of this world” but Nike took it to a whole new level when revealing the star’s new logo with an alien theme.

The video begins with a frame over a field. Printed on the screen are the words “somewhere in south Texas” in reference to the Aurora UFO sightings. The video pans out as we hear ambient music and see the reveal of the logo.

Victor Wembanyama Is Taking Over The World In More Ways Than One

With the tweet obviously referencing the recent eclipse by saying “The total eclipse has just begun” it’s clear Nike has big things in store for the power forward as he continues to take the league by storm.

Wembanyama’s stats this far are unlike any other in his draft class. He is currently averaging just over 21 points, 10.7 rebounds, and leads the league in block average with 3.6 per game. With all that said, there is absolutely no one else who can stop his reach for the NBA’s Rookie and Defensive Player of the Year Awards. Keep in mind there are still 13 games left.

Safe to say the 7-foot-4 rookie is living up to the hype and more as he continues to dominate the NBA court.

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