WATCH: Latto Put It On Da Bare Butt Of A Fan During Her Poland Concert, Sealing Her Autograph With A Kiss

Latto is currently overseas touring Europe, where fans are showing their appreciation in some interesting ways. During her recent stop at the Open’er Festival in Poland, near the performance walkway got Latto’s attention with his sign, which prompted her to stop and give him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. What did it say? “Latto, sign my ass!”

So, the “Put It On Da Floor” rapper did just that, inviting him over the barricade and kneeling down with a marker to sign his butt, which was conveniently exposed by his thong-style underwear (it was not, however, leopard print, which would have made the whole thing perfect). They also twerked together, to the apparent delight of concertgoers nearby.



The response is an interesting and frustrating contrast with what’s been going on at pop shows stateside. Singers Bebe Rexha, Kelsea Ballerini, and Steve Lacy have all recently been hit with objects being thrown by fans, leaving Rexha with a black eye and Lacy with a reputation for destroying fans’ property.

Meanwhile, even when fans aren’t chucking things at stars, they’re offering up other wildly inappropriate “gifts”; a fan at a Pink show dumped their mother’s ashes on staged during her set, while another handed her a wheel of cheese. It’s clear that during the pandemic, a lot of us forgot (or just never learned) our concert etiquette… maybe we should all be more like the Polish.

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