WATCH NOW: Latto twerked and then threw two “plump peaches” straight into the camera, making fans gasp

Latto has been the object of desire for many a grown man (and even some grown women) — but she recently helped a young man achieve an awakening of sorts.

A fan caught some footage of the “He Say She Say” rapper twerking at a concert of hers. And though the video is undated, the camera first turns to Latto getting it all the way in with her butt cheeks clapping in the air.

Not long after, the camera pans to a young man who looks to be in his pre-teen years…and his jaw almost drops to the floor as he watches the hot female rapper doing her thing.

Peep the video below.


Back in 2016, HipHopDX first broke the news about Latto — who was, at the time, going by “Miss Mulatto” — winning the Lifetime reality competition, The Rap Game. As part of her win on the short-lived show, she was entitled to a contract with Jermaine Dupri‘s So So Def, but the super-producer recently revealed that the “Wheelie” rapper chose a different route.

“People keep saying, ‘Jermaine, you dropped the ball on [Latto],’” he said exclusively at the Lovers & Friends festival on May 6. “But what people don’t understand is, I put Latto’s record out. The deal was, if you win on The Rap Game, you get a single from Jermaine Dupri. So that single came out.”

He continued: “The problem was, was that Latto was 16 years old, and the outlets didn’t support it. And nobody was like speaking on it. Nobody talked about it. If you watched the TV show, you saw it. But people didn’t really start talking about Latto until she started making more vulgar records, dressing more sexual, and being more adult.”

The eight-episode first season saw the competitors battle it out in various challenges that highlighted attributes a rap star should possess, such as battle rapping, live performances, and penning and recording a full song in-studio.

Being around the Atlanta rap scene and having years worth of performances made Mulatto (real name Alyssa Michelle Stephens) not only the most consistent artist but the ideal choice to resume business once cameras stopped rolling.

But though she won the competition, Latto said at the time that she turned down the offer to be on Dupri’s So So Def Records because his contract wasn’t offering her enough money, according to an interview with Vlad TV back in 2016.

She did, however, invest the money she got from the show wisely, turning a clothing line into a success story.

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