WATCH!!! Taylor Swift Shares More Behind-the-Scenes of ‘Fortnight’ Video in New Clip: ‘A Fortnight Since TTPD’.

The singer, 34, included behind-the-scenes moments from the music video in a YouTube Shorts clip posted on May 3

Taylor Swift Shares More Behind-the-Scenes of Fortnight Video in New Clip: 'A Fortnight Since TTPD'

Taylor Swift is giving fans more behind-the-scenes “Fortnight” footage!

On Friday, May 3, the singer, 34, posted a clip on YouTube Shorts which featured clips of filming and behind-the-scenes moments from her hit single “Fortnight” from The Tortured Poets Department to commemorate two weeks since the album’s release.

“A fortnight since TTPD 🤍 brought to you by YouTube Shorts #ForAFortnightChallenge,” Swift wrote in the caption, adding over the video, “For a Fortnight …”

Post Malone, who features alongside Swift on the track and in the music video, added in response in the comment section, “🤍🤍,” as the singer liked back his comment.

The compilation clip first showed what appeared to be the filming of a couple of scenes from the video of “Fortnight,” including Swift walking inside a white room in a corseted dress underneath a bed suspended in the corner, and beside a typewriter at a desk while wearing a 19th-century-style dress as the track played over the top.

In a behind-the-scenes moment, Swift was seen in the next shot joined by Post Malone as the pair appeared to look over footage shot of the video on a tablet while smiling.

Swift was then seen in scenes that also appeared in the music video; throwing a chair through an open window, before walking through a doorway into a room filled with desks.

She also appeared in a close-up shot, wearing a white bathrobe as she turned her head toward the camera while sporting the mock facial tattoos she unveiled in the music video — which are the exact copy of Malone’s — as shooting apparatus could be seen in the foreground.

Taylor Swift Shares More Behind-the-Scenes of Fortnight Video in New Clip: 'A Fortnight Since TTPD'

Swift was captured in more footage of scenes from the video, standing while smiling as papers flew around her face. She was also seen standing opposite Malone, 28, in front of a mock-up background of a coastline as more windswept papers circled the pair, with more paper covering the floor.

The artists were later seen in another clip lying opposite each other on the paper-covered floor, as well as in footage on set of Swift kneeling on top of a telephone box in the rain, while Malone stood underneath her looking upwards as he pulled on the door.

A scene from the Frankenstein-esque portion of the music video was also shared in the clip, showing Swift strapped to a stretcher while standing upright in between cameo stars Ethan Hawke and Josh Charles.

Taylor Swift

The singer appeared to review the video footage again in a following clip as she held a tablet while wearing the same outfit from the scene with Hawke, 53, and Charles, 52, — with metal headgear included.

In the final footage from the clip, a soaking Swift sat atop a telephone box in a studio as artificial rain poured down on her.

Swift released her 11th studio album TTPD on April 19. The music video for “Fortnight,” which is the first official single from the singer’s new album, was also released on the same day.

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