WATCH: This is what to do with your Taylor Swift friendship bracelets after your Eras Tour concert is over

Taylor Swift fans have run into a dilemma now that the Australian leg of the superstar’s Eras Tour is over.

Thousands who made and exchanged friendship bracelets at the concerts are unsure of what to do with the beaded bands.

Marco Paulo, a Filipino fan, flew to Japan for one of the concerts and came up with an innovate idea once he got back home.

He made a DIY light-up show piece using the concert’s light up wrist band, two glass jars, and his friendship bracelets.

Marco keeps the memento on his desk as a happy reminder of his first concert.

Marco Paulo made a DIY light-up show piece using his friendship bracelets

‘Here’s how I display my friendship bracelets from the Eras Tour,’ he captioned the video tutorial.

The tradition dates back to some of Taylor’s earliest shows, but fans who went to the Eras Tour took it who a whole new level by making tens of hundreds of the jewellery pieces.

Marco first gathered a 4x5in jar and a 2.5×4.5in jar – the former was purchased at Daiso, and the latter used to contain lollies.

He put the bracelets on the smaller jar and lined them up before placing the light-up section of his wristband inside it.

He then placed the small jar into the larger one and put the lids on, fastening his concert wristband over the top

The end result is an adorable and easy-to-make display trinket.

‘I know the batter will eventually run out but that’s okay,’ he said about the wristband. ‘Will just try to replace it or use another light source.’

If you don’t have the concert wristband, you can also use fairy lights or small bulbs for a similar effect.

Taylor Swift fans have been making friendship bracelets to swap with each other at shows

Many complimented Marco’s ‘genius’ idea.

‘Oh, what a great idea! I’m going to do the same!’ one said.

‘I wish I could’ve gotten confetti to put in as well, but I wasn’t allowed on the floor,’ one shared.

Other ways to display your bracelets include hanging them on your bedpost or the side of your mirror.

You can also use them as bonus birthday or holiday presents for your friends and family.

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