What Victor Wembanyama is really saying about preferred Spurs offseason moves

At a time when many are speculating about Victor Wembanyama’s desire to “win now,” a look at what he’s actually said about the Spurs offseason.

Victor Wembanyama and San Antonio Spurs logo

Everyone seems to have an opinion on Victor Wembanyama’s “timeline to win” for the San Antonio Spurs this offseason. While it’s natural chatter given the generational talent’s rapid rookie ascension and the Silver and Black’s 22-60 record, it is all speculation.

With that, this piece contains what the NBA phenom has actually said recently on related matters.

“Will I be consulted? To the extent, I don’t know. I’m a player. They know what they’re doing. The truth is I don’t know. I’m still learning but I’m ready to help as much as needed but, of course, I’m staying in my role,” Wemby said regarding the Spurs front office.

The Spurs and Victor Wembanyama from the start

The Spurs begin the offseason, their centerpiece recalled the run-up to the season.

“Very early on I think they did a wonderful job just letting me know and keeping me in the loop for most things. They treated me very well even before I landed here, really,” Wembanyama said. “They just showed that they cared about me as a person, first, and then as a player. They didn’t let anything random [affect their decisions]. They control things and they’re being patient. Even though it’s hard to be patient because we want to win right now, they’ve got things under control.”

As the Spurs then struggled through virtually the entire year, including an 18-game losing streak from early November through mid-December, the top pick in last summer’s draft said his faith in the franchise’s plan hasn’t wavered.

“I’m glad that it didn’t happen. I could start to see, I don’t really have any examples, but some doubt. But, for me, never, even one second I doubted and I’m glad that’s the case,” the 20-year-old phenom continued. “At any point, I never felt I wasn’t in the best situation, that I wasn’t in the best place. Of course, I wish we were in the playoffs. I wish I didn’t lose 60 games, of course. As much as it’s hard today, I know it’s for the long term and I trust my teammates a hundred percent and I trust the project so, really, my confidence was never shaken at any point.”

Wemby’s Spurs outlook

As the season came to an end, Wembanyama expressed optimism about the Spurs’ future.

“I think we’re building something great and it’s definitely something that they’ve done before. There’s many people here with the Spurs that I can ask for advice and how things will go. I’m just curious to see.”

As for what’s next in the short term?

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“I don’t want to want next season to stop so early. We want to keep going,” San Antonio’s leading scorer said about what he’d consider a successful season next year.

“I would want to win every game and go to the playoffs. There’s so many details, so many little things to do right away, from the first game of the season that we’re not going to build something great by saying we want to win a championship, or really go to the playoffs. It’s set a new brick every day and then we’ll build a house.”

It’s a house the Spurs hope provides a permanent residence for Victor Wembanyama.

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