Why Katy Perry Called Her Fans ‘Traitors’ on This Week’s ‘American Idol’

During Monday night’s new episode of American Idol, Katy Perry had something to say to her fans about her new hairstyle. After Kaibrienne performed “Traitor” by Olivia Rodrigo, Perry jokingly called her Katy Cats “traitors” for thinking she got a cut.

Katy Perry Calls Her Fans ‘Traitors’ on American Idol

Monday night’s new episode of American Idol was the Judge’s Song Contest. Each of the three judges chose songs for the Top 8 singers to perform. The singers picked which song they liked best, and then they tried to guess which judge chose it for them.

Katy Perry on 'American Idol' Live Shows 2024

During the episode, Kaibrienne performed “Traitor” by Olivia Rodrigo. She guessed that it was Luke Bryan who chose the song for her, but it turned out to be Perry. When revealing that she was the one who chose the song, Perry had a message for her fans.

“Also big shoutout to all my Katy Cat fans who think I got a haircut. They’re traitors. This is a wig,” Perry said into the microphone. Bryan joked that he was going to check for himself, and Perry told him to stop it.

Perry Tricked Fans into Thinking She Got a Haircut

For Monday’s show, Perry sported a shoulder-length style in her signature brunette, with sideswept bangs. Ahead of the show, the star posted a video on social media of her hairstylist appearing to give her a haircut.

In the caption, Perry asked followers to share their “thoughts, comments, concerns.” The clip fooled some fans into thinking she had actually gotten a big chop. Many of them responded with dismay, as they weren’t a fan of the singer’s blonde pixie cut from a few years ago and didn’t want her to cut her hair again.

Perry might have been responding to these negative comments when she called her Katy Cats “traitors.” Don’t expect to see this look next week, though, since Perry said she wanted to recreate Kaibrienne’s hairstyle for the next show.

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