You’ll Adore Tiny 5-Year-Old Drummer, Chrisyius Whitehead, and His Excellent Manners

Simon Cowell called the boy from Sopchoppy, Florida, “the coolest person on the planet right now.”

Get ready for some cuteness overload as one little drummer boy had America’s Got Talent Judges eating out of the palm of his hand.

The adorable 5-year-old Chrisyius Whitehead quickly had Judges Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara, Howie Mandel, and Heidi Klum charmed when stepping onto the AGT stage with a white button-down shirt, brown vest, and spiffy bowtie. The child came with a pair of drumsticks, minding his Ps and Qs when Cowell asked “a very important question:” What would he do if he won the $1 million prize?

“I would share with poor people and homeless people and everybody in this whole world,” said the loveable boy, garnering the awes of the live audiences and AGT Host Terry Crews alike.

Cowell found Whitehead’s response “very sweet” and asked him what he would do with any money left over.

“I would buy 200 bags of slime and squishy toys,” Whitehead said as everyone laughed out loud.

Whitehead gave a “Yes, Ma’am” to Klum after she remarked how she loved making farting sounds of the toys.

Who is Chrisyius Whitehead?

Chrisyius Whitehead performs onstage on America's Got Talent Episode 1902.

Chrisyius Whitehead appears on America’s Got Talent Season 19 Episode 2 “Auditions 2”. Photo: Trae Patton/NBC

Chrisyius Whitehead is 5-year-old who told Judges he came from Sopchoppy, Florida, practicing the drums from a very young age.

“Since I was one and 2 and 3,” he admitted.

Cowell, whose son also plays the drums, said the boy’s talent was “the coolest thing in the world.”

Outside the AGT studio, Whitehead has left quite the mark on social media, including on his family’s TikTok account. One video showing the then-4-year-old boy’s drumming skills has gained nearly 14 million views and counting.

What makes Whitehead’s performances all the cuter is that due to his “tiny” stature, the child must stand when at his full drum set.

What song did he play for Judges?

Whitehead drummed to Stevie Wonder’s Faith featuring Ariana Grande without ever missing a beat for his AGT debut. The popular 2016 tune might best be known as the leading track from the animated musical Sing and was nominated for Best Original Song at the 74th Golden Globe Awards.

Standing behind the silver drum set, Whitehead could barely see past the percussions as audience members dropped their jaws. He took Cowell’s advice by having the time of his life on stage, showing no signs of hesitation or nervousness during his performance.

It was enough for Cowell to put his fists in the air and rise from his seat once the song ended.

Chrisyius Whitehead performs onstage on America's Got Talent Episode 1902.

Chrisyius Whitehead appears on America’s Got Talent Season 19 Episode 2 “Auditions 2”. Photo: Trae Patton/NBC

What did the Judges say about Chrisyius Whitehead?

Whitehead answered, “Yes, Sir,” when Cowell asked if playing the set felt good. Audiences couldn’t get enough when Whitehead admitted that he was standing instead of sitting — as Judges couldn’t tell from where they sat.

Judge Mandel asked the boy if he thought he “did good,” and when Whitehead said, “Yes, Sir,” Mandel said, “No, you did great!”

“I have to say, you’re better than most adults that are trying to do this, young man,” said Judge Klum. “I can’t believe you’re only five years old!”

She added that Whitehead’s daily practicing showed because he was “very, very good.”

Vergara was struck by how much Whitehead seemed to enjoy playing and cited how “handsome” she found him to be.

Meanwhile, Cowell disagreed with Mandel for calling the boy “great,” insisting he was instead “brilliant.”

“Your timing was unbelievable, your showmanship was unbelievable, and you’re doing something — most importantly — I can tell you love,” Cowell said. “And you know what? Being a great drummer means that you are the coolest person on the planet right now.”

Whitehead simply said “thank you” when the Judges presented yes after yes, leaving him with four yesses altogether.

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